How Stakka Works

Listing an item is simply different

Listing things on Stakka is simple, but there’s a twist. Unlike a normal auction site, items go down in price — not up. This happens on the hour, every hour.

First, you set a start price and the lowest amount you’ll take for the item. Then choose a start and end date and we’ll do the maths to work out how much your item will reduce by.

You pay nothing up front to list an item, but a small listing fee will be deducted when an item is bought. However… this is completely FREE at the moment!

An auction with a difference

Buyers will find bargains higher in the Stakk based on everything that makes an item a good find, including price, views and even the sellers rating — encouraging the good, honest trade at the core our Stakka community.

You can hold your nerve and wait for the item to decrease, but make sure to snap it up at a good price before someone beats you to the finish line. You’ll be able to set alerts for when an item reaches a certain price by adding it to your Stakk.

Winning an item

If an item is over a certain value, you have the option to pay a deposit to secure the item. Then it’s up to the buyer and seller to arrange the best way to pay the rest — safely through the system or on collection.

We hold the deposit until the buyer and seller notify us that the sale is happily completed, and then transfer it to the seller taking out our fees.

Learn more about fees in our FAQs.

Item bought!

Stakka is a community of real people, selling to real people and buying from real people. When an item is bought, we will put the two parties in touch to arrange delivery or collection.

Sellers remember, we take our fees out of the sale amount so you won’t be stung with a Stakka invoice at the end of the month!

The new way to buy and sell

In a real world auction, buyers are charged by the auction house to purchase an item. In online auctions, the seller usually stumps up the whole cost. At Stakka, we meet somewhere in the middle with small seller and buyer premiums to help keep everyone’s outgoings to a minimum.

We automatically add the small buyer fee to the price you see on screen however, meaning there are no surprise charges for anyone. Everyone’s a winner.

Learn more about fees in our FAQs.

Anything else?

Of course there’ll be many more features being added as we grow the site and with the feedback we receive from our users. Stakka will always grow based on the needs of the community we build.

If you have any specific questions, check out our FAQs or get in touch with us and speak to an actual person.