Thank you for using our Beta site - you're helping shape the future of Stakka - find out more.

Welcome to our Beta website

Thanks for coming along today. Stakka is a brand new way to buy and sell online – turning the traditional auction site upside down, literally!  We’re not scared to say we want to be the alternative to eBay.

For those of you out there who remember the old funtimes on eBay when bidding, being out bid, bidding again and winning an auction was an exciting thing instead of just relying on having to be around as the listing finishes as all the activity now happens in the last 6 seconds. We want to put the fun back in and hopefully our unique way does that.

We also want to build a real community.  Not just a platform of copycat semi-pro power-sellers, drop-shipping goods from China or Chingford for the smallest of margins.  We’ll do our best to eradicate the scammers and create a place where genuine people are welcomed.

We appreciate we may have to change things as we go but will always have those values at heart.

By being one of the earliest users we hope you’ll help shape the future of Stakka. This version of the website is just the first on our plan of making it bigger, better, funner, and fairer. “Beta” is what the techie types call something that’s perfectly usable but still in a stage of development.  Hopefully everything technically works as it should and it’s all about us testing and improving the processes.  Seeing how people use it and getting real feedback from you will help us grow the site in terms of how it looks and works as well as what we can do create our Stakka community.  People like you are going to be at the centre of everything do.

We’re trying to grow organically as it means we can react to what you tell us and we can cater for certain types of people rather than trying to be all things to all folk and not doing anything well.

So if you like what we’ve done the please tell your friends. If you don’t, please tell us, and we can maybe do something about it. Get in touch and a real person will contact you back.

Oh, and as massive thanks to all those that sign-up first we’re going to NEVER charge any listing fees to the first 1,000 people who create an account. That’s no listing fees until the end of time! Nada, zip, diddly-squat. So if you’ve not signed-up yet and started selling… what you waiting for?